Skin Analysis at
The Cellular Level

Going Beyond Traditional
Facial Imaging and Survey-Based Skin Assessments

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About Reveal Sciences, LLC

iSpa Member Reveal Sciences is leading the way in enhancing skincare analysis by providing consumers and industry professionals the ability to scientifically and seamlessly select, recommend, and customize highly efficacious skin wellness products and treatments.

Reveal News

The following are articles on Reveal Sciences and the company's pioneering technology:

August 6, 2009 - "Skin diagnostic system can help increase brand loyalty, says manufacturer" -
A new skin care diagnostic system giving instant results can help reinforce brand loyalty and bring in new customers, according to manufacturer Reveal Sciences. Read More >>

June 8, 2009 - Reveal Sciences Introduces the CareType™ Analysis System
Reveal Sciences' breakthrough system offers value not available in the industry before through the objective analysis and recommendation of "best fit" skincare products, treatments and regimens based on rapid scientific test results. Read More >>

Spring 2009 - Journal of Commercial Biotechnology
Reveal Sciences is the wholly-owned subsidiary of Beacon Sciences. An article on Beacon Sciences and the creation of Reveal Sciences is published in the Journal of Commercial Biotechnology. The Journal of Commercial Biotechnology publishes peer-reviewed company case studies on the development and commercialization of new biotechnologies. The Beacon Sciences case study is titled, "Beacon Sciences: Commercialization From Biothreat Detection To Beauty Enhancement."

September 2008 - "Removing guesswork from skin care and hair care" Personal Care magazine

March 20, 2008 - Reveal Sciences Puts a New Face on Personal Care Innovation